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Part-Of-Speech Tagging for Northern Kurdish

Ready to use POS models and training and testing datasets for Northern Kurdish.

KSC – Kurdish Scripts Converter

A Chrome extension to convert between Kurdish scripts, from Persian-Arabic script to Latin (Hawar) script and vice versa!

Invitation Codes: Gravityforms Add-on

The Invitation Codes Add-On allows you to require users to enter a unique invitation code to submit a form. This is ideal for exclusive events, private memberships, or any scenario where you want to control access to your forms.

Regex Textfield: Gravityforms Add-on

The Regex Textfield Add-On allows you to enforce specific text patterns in form fields using regular expressions (regex). This is perfect for forms that require strict input validation, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or custom formats.

Ubuntu Linux FileZilla Installer & Updater

I use FileZilla on my Ubuntu machine, but the problem with FileZilla it doesn’t update the installed version automatically when there’s a new version. I had to update it every time manually, it’s a tedious and error-prone process. Therefore, I wrote a .sh file that automates the process of installing/updating FileZilla with zero intervention from the user. You only have to run the file. You read more about it here


A simple web app to help Duduk players tune their Duduks before playing, especially if they are just me and don’t have a musical ear ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .  In addition, the provided tones could be used as Duduk dam tones in the background while playing Duduk.

Cogito ergo sum