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KSC – Kurdish Scripts Converter2 min read

I am thrilled to announce the release of my new Chrome extension, the Kurdish Script Converter (KSC). This tool is designed to help users easily convert Kurdish text between Persian-Arabic script and Latin (Hawar) script, and vice versa.

What Does KSC Do?

The KSC extension allows you to switch between Kurdish scripts effortlessly. Whether you are reading a webpage in Kurdish and need to convert the text from Persian-Arabic to Latin script or the other way around, KSC makes it simple.

How to Use the KSC Extension

Using the KSC extension is straightforward:

  1. Select the Text: On any web page with Kurdish text, either double-click a word or select a sentence or paragraph that you want to convert.
  2. Choose Your Conversion Options:
    • When converting from Persian-Arabic script to Latin (Hawar) script, you can choose how to handle certain letters (ڕ,ڵ,ح,غ). You have three options:
      1. (ř ɫ ḧ ẍ)
      2. (rr ll hh gh)
      3. (r l h x)
    • When converting from Latin (Hawar) script to Persian-Arabic script, you can choose how to handle certain letter combinations (ch, gh, hh, sh, ll, rr). You have two options:
      1. (چ غ ح ش ڵ ڕ)
      2. (جه‍ گه‍ هه‍ سه‍ لل رر)
  3. Copy the Converted Text: Simply click on the converted text to copy it.

Why is This Important?

The Kurdish language is written in different scripts depending on the region and context. This can make communication and learning challenging. By providing an easy way to convert between these scripts, KSC aims to bridge the gap and make it easier for people to read and write Kurdish, regardless of the script used.


This extension would not have been possible without the work of Aso Mahmudi. His work on Kurdish transliteration ( provided a solid foundation for this project.

Get the Extension

You can find the Kurdish Script Converter extension on the Chrome Web Store. I hope it helps you in your daily use of the Kurdish language. Please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions for further improvements.

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Peshmerge Morad

Data Science student and a software engineer whose interests span multiple fields.

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