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How to use awk to get the amount of days of a specific month1 min read

I was busy with writing a shell script on my Linux machine to generate screenshots for I needed a way to get the amount of days in a specific month for a specific date. After long search I found ways to do it, one way was to use cal

(cal 5 2015 | awk 'NF {DAYS = $NF}; END {print DAYS}')

The command will return 31 which is the correct amount of days for May in 2015.
if you want to get the number in a variable, and that is actually what I needed. Just edit the code like this:

daysAmount=$(cal 5 2015 | awk 'NF {DAYS = $NF}; END {print DAYS}')
echo $daysAmount

Many thanks to Milosz Galazka who has answered my question. Here is a link to his article


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By Peshmerge Morad
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